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Muslos envueltos en panceta
Chicken thighs wrapped in bacon

Chicken thighs 4 
Bacon Piamontesa 150g
Prunes 100 g
Curry (amount needed)
Salt and pepper 
Oil (amount needed)

Potato 300 g
Carrot 300 g
Yellow pepper  300 g
Salt and pepper 
Oil (amount needed)
Pepper (amount needed)
Herbal oil (amount needed)

Bone the chicken thighs.
On a slice of bacon Piamontesa, place a chicken thigh and fill with plum and curry.
Add a little of salt and pepper.
Wrap with the bacon and tie it up.
Fry it with a little of oil in a frying pan and finish cooking in the oven to 180º C for 20 minutes.
Cut the vegetables (potato, carrot and yellow pepper) and put them in a bowl.
Add salt, pepper and a little of oil.
Mix the vegetables and cook them in the oven to 180º C for 30 minutes.